Danielson Incorporated
Work History
A Sampling of Major Projects Completed:

University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE
-Reroute and Reconfiguration of Campus Wide Fiber and Copper Network to Accomodate New Cancer Research Center.  Ongoing

UPRR-BNSF Railroad Expansion, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska
-Reroute existing Fiber Optic Networks (Sprint-MCI/Verizon-CLECs) for additional
Rail Expansion Projects .  85 Miles in 2014 to Present.

Nebraska and Eastern Iowa, (Multiple Rural Telecom and Fiber Optic Company's)
-Placement of over 500 miles of Fiber Optic Cable via Underground Installations (i.e., directional bore, plow, trenching, backhoe)

Councill Bluffs, IA, IADOT/Alltel/NEDOT
- Placement of 12,000 ft. of Fiber across newly constructed south Omaha bridge, disconnection of existing fiber and reconnection of new fiber within contracted low traffic timeframe

Omaha, NE, OPS/WindStream
- Placement of 5,800 ft. of fiber and 3,200 ft. of HDPE/PVC, handholes and handhole integration for school systems connection, 6 aerial buildouts, 33 OSP and ISP splices and network reconfigures

Bellevue, NE Bellevue Public School/WindStream
- Placement of 3,460 ft. of fiber and 2,100 ft. of HDPE, 8 splices and reconfigures, handholes and manholes integration for school systems connection

Kansas City, KS, MODOT/KDOT/LightCore
- Placement of 7,770 ft. of 6" Steel pipe across the Missouri River Bridge and BNSF Rail Yard Bridge with 17,600 ft. of 3-HDPE, fiber placement and splicing

Council Bluffs, IA, IADOT
- Placement of 26,500 ft. of fiber and 8,000 ft. of HDPE with handhole and manhole integration and 5 midsheath splices and tests

Council Bluffs, IA,  Public Works
- Placement of 19,500 ft. of 2" HDPE for street light integration and connection, existing and new network reconfigure and connection

Bellevue, NE, Alltel Communications
- Placement of 20,850 ft. of fiber in exisiting OPPD/Qwest Duct with 3,850 ft. of 3-HDPE.  Constructuion for diverse route entry into exisiting switch location.

Kansas City, KS, LightCore/Cingular
- Placement of 15,500 ft. of 2-HDPE, Handholes, Manholes and Fiber in rock and rocky soil for new Cingular Switch.

Hondo, TX, Williams Communication/TXDOT
- Placement of 10,455 ft. of 3-HDPE, Handoles and Fiber in rock for TXDOT.

Valley/Fremont, NE, Qwest Communications
- Placement of 50,000 ft. of fiber in support of new interconnect between rural and central office locations.

Sanderson, TX, MCI Communications
- Placement of 65,812 Ft. of MicroTube and MicroFiber in exisiting MCI Long-Haul fiber system from Sanderson to Marathon Texas across Pecos Mountains.

Dakota City, SD, Qwest Communications
- Placement of 22,500 ft. of new copper cable intoo exisiting subdivision at Dakota Dunes, SD

Omaha, NE, OPPD
- Placement of 36,500 ft. of fiber in one continuous piece through 73 OPPD manholes in support of new OPPD data center